Annual Facility Permit

Annual Facility Permit

A Citizen Access Portal account is REQUIRED to submit/access/pay for permits.

In lieu of an individual permit for each new alteration to an already approved building, electric, mechanical, and/or plumbing installation, an annual permit may be issued upon application to any person regularly employing one or more qualified trade persons in the building and its premises owned or operated by the permit applicant.

The annual permit shall be issued to a person who holds a valid and active Nevada State Contractors License covering the scope of work authorized by the permit and who holds a valid and active Clark County business license.

The permit shall be valid for one calendar year from the date of issuance.  

Certain conditions apply:
  • Project must qualify per our Administrative Code (22.02.222)
  • Permit Fee is $50.00
  • A $10,000 deposit into a trust account is required at time of permit application with a minimum deposit balance of $2,000.
Once the permit has expired, a new online submittal for a new permit will be required.  A building permit application form completed by the contractor will be required for permit issuance.

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