Licensing / Payment Requirements

Licensing / Payment Requirements

A Citizen Access Portal account is REQUIRED to submit/access/pay for permits.

Building Permits
Completed permit application form(s) are mandatory for all permits.

Permit(s) issued to Contractors/Sub-contractors:
Contractors/Sub-contractors MUST:
Manufactured Home Installers MUST:
ALL contractors/sub-contractors are required to have an active Multi-Jurisdictional Business License number. (Obtained from local jurisdiction)

If the contractor/sub-contractor has elected to use a DBA/Fictitious name that appears on the state contractor license; the name on the multi-jurisdiction business license MUST match the state contractor’s license.

Payment of permit fees must come from the listed contractor/sub-contractor on record for the permit(s) through the Citizen Access Portal. Contractor/sub-contractors Citizen Access Portal account must be linked to the contractor’s license number in our system. Email us at: for more information on how to link your Citizen Access Portal account to the contractor's license number. 

Permit(s) issued to Owner/Builders:
Property owner is REQUIRED to have a Citizen Access Portal account to access/pay for permits.  
Property owner(s) are determined from the Clark County Assessors records.

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