Initial Plan Review

  1. Initial Review

    Once plans have been accepted into our system, the plans will be forwarded to the plans examiners for review. All plans submitted under all disciplines are reviewed for code compliance to the adopted codes.
  2. Corrections Requested

    Missing information, details, or questions that arise during the initial plan review will require the plan reviewer to write a correction letter which will be sent to the designer of the plan.
  3. Corrections Received

    The designer will prepare a correction response letter and corrected plans to be submitted through the Citizens Access Portal.
  4. Fee Work Up

    Once all disciplines are in the “completed” status, the plan are sent to plan coordination for fee work up.
  5. Revision to the Approved Plans

    1. Revision to the Approved Plans

      As construction continues, changes and revisions to the original set of plans belonging to an ACTIVE permit arise.  A revision is submitted using the following:

      - Complete the "Hourly Plan Review Application" (Front and Back)

      - A detailed narrative describing the changes/scope of work, referencing pages

      - Identify disciplines affected by the scope of work. (See ITEM TYPE of form)

      - All revised plans shall identify the changes with a delta symbol and cloud
    2. Hourly Plan Review Application

      Complete this application, and submit electronically through the Citizen Access Portal. Revision review time is 10-days.
    3. Revision Assessment

      Revisions to the initial set of approved plans under all disciplines are reviewed for code compliance. Plans will be assigned to the original plan reviewer for each individual discipline.
    4. Fee Work Up

      Once all disciplines are in the “completed” status, the plan are sent to plan coordination for fee work up.
    5. Building Plan Examination - Public Counter

      Hours of Operation 07:30 am to 05:30 pm

      Building Plan Technicians accept the paper corrections for permits/plans that were originally submitted as paper plans and the permit has not been issued.

      Plan Technicians can assist customers with questions about required plans on minor projects and Clark County Standards.

      Citizens may schedule and appointment on-line to speak to a plan technician. To schedule an appointment, see industry notices in yellow on the main department page.

      Upon arriving at the building department, check-in with the security guard and you will be directed accordingly.

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