Applicants Sought for Citizen Review Board

Applicants Sought for Citizen Review Board

Clark County is seeking qualified applicants to serve on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Citizen Review Board, which reviews complaints and Internal Affairs’ investigations filed against Metro Police Department officers.

The application is available on the Citizen Review Board website at Applicants are required to have e-mail and Internet access.

The Citizen Review Board consists of 25 members and fills vacancies throughout the year as they occur. Membership is voluntary and unpaid, and terms are for three years. Appointments to the board are made by the Clark County Commissioners and Las Vegas City Council members who serve on Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee.

Eligible applicants must be residents of unincorporated Clark County or the City of Las Vegas and have no felony convictions. Elected officials are not permitted to serve on the board. Present or former Metro Police officers and members of their families are also prohibited from sitting on the board.

Potential candidates must have a flexible weekday schedule. All members who are selected must complete a minimum of 70 hours of mandatory training including a 10-hour police ride along, attending and completing the 12-week Citizen Police Academy, a jail work-along, orientation training, and regular training sessions.

Members of the Citizen Review Board review complaints on a rotating basis. Panels consisting of five members are convened over six-month periods of time to hear cases. After six months, a new panel of five members is selected to hear the next rotation of cases. Panel members are randomly selected and may serve on anywhere from one to three panels during their term. Panel meetings are during the normal business hours once or twice a month and last about three hours.

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